My Own Challenge: Creating One Massive List of Lists

by Paul Wilson


See The Mother of All Lists.

Darren Rowse over at Problogger is doing another “31 Days to Build a Better Blog.” In his second lesson he encouraged those participating to create a list post and then to submit the list into the comments of his post.

By the time I submitted my own list there were hundreds of lists already submitted (553 to be exact). Being that I recently became a father in the last few days sleeping has become a luxury. This being the case, I decided to take advantage of my sleepless nights and compile all the lists that were in Darren’s comments.

I won’t be modest, this was an insane undertaking. At this moment, my time on this project has taken so long I am embarrassed to say just how long (lets just say the hours spent on “the Mother of all lists” are in the double digits). However, I have enjoyed going through the mountains of lists. I am amazed at the diversity and depth of most of the lists

I stopped compiling everyone’s lists when I hit the magically number of 603 (the time stamp on Darren’s blog was April 9th, 2009 7:14 am). Once I decided to stop accepting lists, I then went through all 600+ lists and assigned them into categories. My hopes in doing this is to assist people with Darren’s third lesson—promoting your post. Obviously, the bloggers found on my list are eager to promote their work. Find the category you fit in and contact those bloggers. Network, build, and become friends. This I think is the easiest way to fulfill Darren’s lesson.

For those of you who made my lists, I did my best to not have any errors. With that said, I do not doubt that there are many. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know, and as I have time I will fix them. For those of you who did not make this “Mother of All Lists,” you are welcome to leave your list and the category you best belong to in the comments. Maybe when we have another child I will update the list.

Happy Blogging! ~Paul W.

View The Mother of all Lists

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