Domains For Sale List #004

by Paul Wilson


e-shopping-cart1WHAT IS THIS?

All domains listed below have recently been deleted from the domain registry and are for sell. You will want to treat these domains as if they have no history at all (at least, this is how Google will see it).

If you are interested in any of the below domains simply contact me with the name you want to buy. I offer these domains to the first responders, so the early bird gets the domain. $199 (google this one word dictionary domain) $199 (you know you wanna look..) $599 (I like this one!) $199 (nice one for seo or web designer) $189 (high cpc and lots of monthly searches!) $199 (huge amount of monthly search volume!) $169 (many google advertisers for this one!) $299 (many advertisers for this key term) $599 (primo domain if you need to locate hosting) $199 (cover up that cd) $149 (google this one) $199 (catchy and brandable!) $999 (we do not accept checks for this domain..)

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