My Blog Pitch—Understanding

by Paul Wilson


blog-pitchIt has been an interesting journey trying to find the purpose of If you look at some of my earlier posts, you will see that I am all over the board. Mixing personal, with hobby, and professional. It actually took me a year to really find my voice with mymarketer—and then I sold it.

I thought it would be easy to pick up my voice with another domain, but I was wrong. First, it took me sometime, and several domains, before I could find a place to call home. However, it wasn’t I worked hard to find the unique voice for that domain.

Finally, when I found it, the company that had purchased MyMarketer decided to give it back to me—and I started the process all over again.

One thing that really helped me was to create an elevator pitch, or what I call a blog pitch. When I started my first business back in the day, my partners and I fine tuned our elevator pitch with our company. Usually, we only had a few minutes with investors and we had to make every word count.

So, with I have kept my blog pitch simple: Understand Internet Marketing! You’ll notice that this is the tagline under the title of the website. I want every visit I make to MyMarketer to remind me that I am continually trying to understand. I am not a self proclaimed guru. In fact, I loath those who feel that they have to show they are a guru. If you have to show than you really are just trying to sell something to someone.

For me, it is all about knowledge and application. As you do this than you grow, and when you grow others will come to partake of your growth. That’s how it should be, and that is what is.

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