Yahoo’s Winning Battle Against Google

by Paul Wilson


Recently Yahoo announced that it would partner with Paypal to enhance the shoppers search. Yahoo will be adding shopping cart links to search results of merchants who use Paypal’s Express Checkout. This addition will make Yahoo a formidable competitor against the relatively unknown Google Checkout.

Yahoo’s New Shopping Cart

And Google should be quite concerned about this development too. Paypal is a household name and coupled with Yahoo’s traffic and user base, creates a powerhouse partnership. Also, the two companies are offering several great benefits, which makes their offering even more enticing. Straight from their Press Release:

Yahoo! and PayPal are launching this new program with a series of special offers for merchants, including:
– PayPal Express Checkout merchants will receive nine months of free processing from PayPal
– Yahoo! Merchant Solutions customers using PayPal Express will receive six months of free processing
– a $100 credit toward ad campaigns using Yahoo! Search Marketing

This definitely makes me more inclined to use Yahoo/PayPal over Google Checkout. What’s even more important is that Yahoo is realizing that they can’t compete against Google alone. This is quite evident with all the recent strategic partnerships we have been seeing with Yahoo. When you look at the two strategies of the two companies, it seems that most of the time Google tries to pioneer it alone, while Yahoo brings on partners.

Both of these strategies have there benefits and drawbacks. Google cannot generally deploy their ideas as quickly going solo. Whereas Yahoo could come up with an idea yesterday, find a partner today, and launch the idea tomorrow. Yet, on the flip side, managing partnerships can be tricky and require a lot of juggling. Most of the time, a big problem from a partner means Yahoo has less control to fix it; whereas, Google can quickly contain a problem because it’s located in-house.

Yet, looking at the shopping battle on search engines objectively I am going to have to give the win to Yahoo. It seems hard for me to fathom Google beating the double punch that Yahoo and PayPal give. However, that’s what most people thought when Google became a competitor against Yahoo. I wouldn’t count Google out just yet; they have surprised us in the past.

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