This Years BUM Award: Joost de Valk

by Paul Wilson


The BUM AwardBack in the day, companies would come up with awards and then give these awards to certain websites. The whole purpose of the award was to stroke the ego of the website and to build links to the company giving the award out. I have decided that if I were to create my own imaginary award I would call it: Blogger Unknown to Many or BUM.

Not just anyone would receive my BUM award—for there certainly are many unknown bloggers out there. No the BUM Award would have to go to the blogger who: 1) actually really was an expert in his/her field (not just a self-proclaimed guru) 2) provided stellar content, amazing value, and knew what he/she was talking about, and 3) no matter how good their blog was or how knowledgeable they really were—the vast majority would still have no idea who they were.

The blogger I would give the BUM Award to this year is Joost de Valk, who blogs over at If you are a die hard blogger (particularly on wordpress) than you probably think I am crazy to believe that Joost deserves the BUM Award. A lot of the well known wordpress plugins are either developed by Joost or maintained by him. He also is one of the most advanced Internet marketers out there. His combination of programming knowledge and SEO is far superior than most bloggers on the web.

However, that’s the problem, only the really die hard bloggers know about Joost. Surprisingly, most common day bloggers are too busy paying attention to the likes of John Chow, Jeremy Schoemaker, Aaron Wall, Darren Rowse, and Daniel Scocco, to just name a few, than to even take the time to look around at other bloggers like Joost.

So, for the many unfortunate souls out there who have not had the opportunity to meet Joost de Valk, let me introduce him by way of his content. I cannot think of better way of proving my point—that Joost well deserves the BUM award—then by having you read a few his posts listed below, scratch your head and wonder why you haven’t heard of this guy before now. So, if you get a moment from gawking at the superstar bloggers I recommend checking out Joost, you won’t be sorry that you did! -Paul W.

P.S. If you don’t think Joost should have the BUM Award sign-up for his RSS feed and prove me wrong ūüėČ

Some of my favorite posts from Joost:

Some of my favorite tools from Joost

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