My Blog Pitched Revisited

by Paul Wilson

MyMarketer is continually growing and developing. Due to this fact, I have added updated notes at the bottom of this post to represent this growth.

pitch-confusionLast Monday I did a post talking about my Blog Pitch. I concluded that my pitch was “Understanding Internet Marketing.” I have had this as my blog tagline for months and have worked hard to stick with this as my mantra.

However, speaking this morning to my friend, Dan, has pushed me into rethinking MyMarketer. Both Dan and I are a part of a small web marketing team with a large corporation. We have been pounding away with this company websites’ for a couple of years.

I actually started at this company as their SEO expert and then was able to have Dan and another friend, Jared, hired on. At first, all three of us were tripping over each other. We all heavily specialized in SEO, but we also all had strengths in other areas of web marketing.

As time passed, our roles became more defined. Dan took control of SEO and Jared took control of PPC (actually, Jared drew the short end of the straw and got stuck with it, but now he is a PPC master).

For me, I still overlapped a bit with Dan, but I stayed more with building and optimizing blogs for SEO. The more I worked on the blogs, the more our company had me build out both internal and external blogs. Finally, with much pushing and shoving from others I took over the blogging development of the company and also all their social media.

The whole time I fought going the direction of Social Media. Obviously, anything web social now-a-days is the hip and in thing to do. Yet, in SEO circles Social Media or SMO (Social Media Optimization) is looked down on. Mainly due to the fact that SMO has yet to really prove that its traffic can convert (I will speak more to this in a future post).

Fight as I may, I must admit I have enjoyed SMO much more than SEO. It took Dan and a widely popular post on MyMarketer before I really embraced the idea.

With this new found insight of my blogging persona I have decided to change the blog pitch of MyMarketer to “Personalized Social Media Marketing.” I want to bring Social Media Marketing down to a granule level—you and me.

I have had a lot of success with Social Media with the current company I am with and also with my own freelance (not to mention my blog I hope that this new direction will give more depth to MyMarketer and to our conversations here. For I do know that Social Media can be just as lucrative as SEO, if not more so.

UPDATED 04/22/2009
Instead of creating another post that shows yet another direction change with MyMarketer, I have decided to just update this post.

For the last six days I have tried to just keep my focus on Social Media. I had fun but I also wanted to blog about other aspects of web marketing. I have been going at web marketing for quite sometime and to just focus on SMO was too hard.

I still am going to keep at it with Social Media but my focus is now more on how to personalize marketing. How to not only have your marketing efforts focus on an individual (not masses), but also how your marketing efforts affect you. Why Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and all other marketing mediums are not only there for marketing purposes but also for understanding the marketer.

I feel that this focus is much more true to my style and I hope that you, my reader, will benefit from this. ~Paul W.

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