King Yahoo No More!

by Paul Wilson


King Yahoo has been overthrown in Internet traffic by its rival Google. This is according to ComScore’s latest study which shows that Google’s network of websites has generated more traffic than Yahoo’s websites.

This is extremely interesting since Yahoo has been the leader for some time in Internet traffic. Yet, ComScore shows that Google’s sites had 528 million visitors worldwide in March, a 13% increase from March of last year, whereas Yahoo was only up 1% with 476 million.

This really is a skewed study in my opinion. All Google or Yahoo has to do is buy a really popular website with lots of traffic to get ahead—wait, isn’t that what YouTube did for Google!

So the real question is who has the most traffic to the Papa website? When you look at Alexa’s rating it still shows, not, as the clear winner.



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Alexa Top Sites

Rank Change Web Site Info
1 (none) Info Icon
2 (none) Info Icon
3 (none) Info Icon
4 up 1 Info Icon
5 up 1 Info Icon
6 up 1 Info Icon
7 down 3 Info Icon
8 (none) Info Icon
9 (none) Info Icon
10 up 2 Info Icon
11 (none) Info Icon
12 up 3 Info Icon
13 down 3 Info Icon
14 up 7 Info Icon
15 down 1 Info Icon
16 down 3 Info Icon
17 up 9 Info Icon
18 up 15 Info Icon
19 up 17 Info Icon
20 down 1 Info Icon

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Yet, what’s really interesting is when you compare the three big search engines (Yahoo, Google, and MSN) to each other. Below are several comparison graphs from Alexa that help give us insight in to who’s the real king. Each graph compares the reach of each site over a period of time. What I find fascinating are the graphs for the last few months. It looks like Microsoft is doing something to gain the lead, which is probably something we should be aware of.

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