The Problem With Podcasting!

by Paul Wilson


podcast_crIf you ask any of my friends I am passionate about blogging. I even have a vanity license plate that says “Blogger.” So, I admit I am a bit of a fanatic.

However, being the fanatic blogger that I am, I also get the priviledge of being annoyed by certain elements of blogging that probably doesn’t bother the majority of the blogosphere.

My biggest gripe deals with the podcasting element of blogging. I build a lot of blogs and there really isn’t a good free theme for either video or audio. Not to mention that the audio podcast plugins are not that great.

Of course, there are plenty of podcasting blog themes and plugins but the majority have one major flaw—-they do not make the audio or video the center of focus.

As for the audio plugins, the only one I have found that comes close to making audio podcast more prominent is PodPress. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have used a more bugging plugin in my blogging career.

Most audio plugins are this little thin strip with a play button on it. If I was podcaster this would just not do. That’s like me taking the content on this blog and having the font size turned to 5. It just doesn’t make sense to me to have the most important aspect of my blog be the least prominent.

I used to write for and they built an audio player that was exactly what the podcasting industry needed. Too bad they didn’t make the player a creative commons plugin. The company went out of business the beginning of this year, but they could of really contributed to the culture of podcasting (which would probably helped them resurrect down the road if they wanted to).

Yesterday, I did find a video theme that does make the video the central part of the blog. The designer made the theme have more of Hulu look, which to me hits the nail right on the head for video themes. Though, the theme did cost me. Even so, if you are doing a video blog I highly recommend paying the pesos because your viewers will thank you for it.

Anyway, excuse my podcasting rant for today. If anyone cares to prove me wrong I do welcome it. I just can’t seem to find anything that really satisfies my hunger for content (be it audio or video) that is the center focus and free (gotta love free.99!).

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