Top 10 Reasons Yahoo and Microsoft SHOULD Merge!

by Paul Wilson


Yahoo Microsoft MergerOn Friday rumors were flying across the websites of the New York Post and The Wall Street Journal of renewed merger talks between Yahoo and Microsoft. Both Yahoo and Microsoft refused to comment on the rumor, but as Friday came to an end it became apparent that something was brewing between the two companies. According to one article, “[Microsoft is] tired of being left at the altar. They now seem more willing to extend themselves via a transaction to get into the game.”

This is really interesting to say the least (not to mention really good for Yahoo’s stock)! I read a lot of articles concerning these rumors, and most of them felt that it would be a bad move for either company to merge.

I am not sure that I agree. Below are the top #10 reasons of why I think Yahoo and Microsoft should merge:

10) Microsoft and Yahoo could now be called “MY!”
9)Terry Semel could share the title with Bill Gates of “The Richest Jerk”
) Microsoft can finally admit that MSN wasn’t really that good
7) Terry will be promoted to Bill’s lunch boy
6) Yahoo stocks can be used for more than just toilet paper
5) Microsoft can actually say that they purchased a company that Google didn’t want
4) Yahoo can now have the same status as Microsoft of “Higher than the Law”
Terry Semel will be free to apply for a job at Google
Google will finally have some competition
1) Bill Gates can now tell people that he spent 50 Billion dollars on a fad

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