Unique Marketing Idea to Fight Against Human Trafficking

by Paul Wilson



Back in January my long time friend, Eric Proffitt, called me and said he had a crazy idea he wanted to share with me. First, though, before I share his idea I have to give a little background on Eric.

I’ve know Eric for 13 years and ever since I’ve known him he has sang like a well tuned canary. He has one of the most amazing voices. The last few years Eric has really pushed his talent to be the voice against human trafficking. He even sang and did a program for the United Nations last year, which highlighted the serious issue of modern-day slavery.

So, back to Eric’s phone call in January. The night before he called me he was truly conflicted on how to aggressively fight against human trafficking. His biggest foes—ignorance and apathy. How he came up with what he told me on the phone I don’t know, but for me I see it as sheer brilliance.

Eric shared that he wanted to run 511 miles across the United Kingdom in chains. Yes, shackles around his feet and wrists. He felt, and I agreed, that doing such extreme marketing would put the spotlight on the rampant evils of slavery. However, his idea was even more insane, he told me then that he wanted to do it in six months.

I felt it was a fantastic idea but strongly thought this sort of idea needed a year of solid planning to pull it off correctly. He disagreed but finally he saw my way of thinking and pushed it back 2 months (not quite what I wanted but every extra day to plan helps).

Eric contacted the rock band the Proclaimers and Warner Brothers and received permission to rewrite “I would walk (500 miles)” for the run. He sent over his version of the song to me and it is quite amazing (go to his site to listen, it really is good).

He wants to do the run in the UK to celebrate the 150 birthday of William Wilberforce, the instrumental person in having slavery outlawed in England (see the movie “Amazing Grace” to get the Hollywood story). Yet, in order to do this he has had to sell his house so that he could finance his run ( his calculation show him running for an entire month at 20 miles a day).

I think Eric’s story is a powerful one. He truly has taken on a “Purple Cow” idea. It will be interesting to see how his run will end. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate with him in the run but it is definitely a fight worth fighting.

Below is his YouTube video that he just posted concerning the run. To learn more visit EricProffit.com. Visit here to donate.

YouTube Preview Image

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