Au Revoir To CHG Healthcare

by Paul Wilson



I have concluded that having a positive experience in corporate America depends largely on the people you work with. This was a lesson I relearned while working at CHG Healthcare as their Senior Web Marketing Specialist.

Today is my last day as I prepare to return back to school and receive a higher degree. . .of debt 8) . The day was spent mostly receiving good byes and well wishes. I have worked with this team longer than any other corporate venture and there was a reason for this—they were friends, not co-workers.

Someone once said to me that life is more than being a cog in a machine. I agree, but if you are going to be a cog it is a lot easier when the other cogs are fun to work with while making the machine turn. Not only does this make everything function smoother, it makes the machine become something entirely different to its components.

I have thought about the “cog in a machine” analogy several times these last few weeks. My decision to leave and pursue my graduate degree was partly to brake from being a cog in someone else’s mechanical tapestry. I genuinely desire to find a vision that offers deeper meaning, both personally and professionally.

However, I’ve felt that this deeper meaning comes at a price. To step out in the dark of the unknown often brings indomitable uncertainty. The uncertainty that Lindsey and I have gone through with our decision to leave has not been easy. We recognized that CHG has treated our little family quite well. It provided stability in a very turbulent time. It also gave me amazing opportunities that I could never have done on my own. Truly, CHG taught me that the messy dreams of an entrepreneur could thrive in a sterile corporate reality.

So, to sacrifice all this on the alter of pretentious significance may be seen as a ludicrous decision (which friends have pointed out to us). Yet, after working a year and a half at a great job I came to realize that to transcend the life of a cog sometimes it requires a leap of absurdness.

Right now, we are caught in midair of our illogical life-changing leap, and holding our breath hoping that we land okay. No matter how Lindsey and I land, I offer my deepest gratitude to all my fellow cogs/co-workers/friends who made my cubicle time in corporate America not only enjoyable but life changing. ~Paul W.

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