Top 10 Reasons Of Why You Should Be Excited About Yahoo Mail Unlimited

by Paul Wilson


In March I wrote about Yahoo’s announcement of unlimited space for their email accounts. This week Yahoo has stated that the migration to an unlimited reality has began. Yahoo has promised to have everything moved by the end of August.

I am not sure people are aware of the monumental significance of what Yahoo is doing. So, true to the fashion of the Internet, I am going to give the top 10 reasons of why you should be excited about Yahoo Mail Unlimited:

10. You no longer need to have 10 email accounts to store everything.
9. You finally will now have space for all the spam you receive.
8. Terry Semel will have enough storage for all his resumes.
7. You now have a place to store your extra Gmail emails.
6. You finally can save all the emails you are never going to read again.
5. The Billionaire Russian widow will have room for all the helpful emails she receives in spending her fortune.
4. You don’t care now that your mother sends you 12 gigabyte emails.
3. You no longer have to worry about salvation—Yahoo owns your soul!
2. Yahoo has finally done something worthy of Google copying.
1. When Yahoo “accidentally” erases your emails you will have a legitimate excuse for suicide.

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