Cool Auction Solution for your Blog!

by Paul Wilson


auction-tagOne of my favorite things to do is to find wordpress plugins. In fact, the plugins are what made me fall in love with wordpress. There are so many things that you can build and do with plugins. The nice thing is that you don’t have to pay someone to create these programs. I always tell clients, when I am using wordpress as their CMS solution, that there is probably few things they will ever need to build since the wordpress opensource community is so vast.

Currently, I am creating a finance website and was asked to include an auction into the site. Surprisingly, there are not a lot of auction plugins. However, I did find a plugin I was impressed with— (yes, this is an affiliate link). Unfortunately, to get all the plugin’s functionality you need to put down $40 (they do have a free version you can use to test drive the plugin).

However, for me it was worth it because it added an additional layer to the overall site. The function that was valuable for me was the ability to put an auction into any of my posts or pages. I have a real gripe with ecommerce solutions that require a defined page or post that I am restricted to.

Anyway, that’s my shameless plug for this auction plugin. If you come across any free and good auction plugins let me know. ~Paul W.

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