Google Page Rank Still Means Something

by Paul Wilson


yodas-page-rankI find it fascinating how everyone is trying to kill page rank, including Google. I was just reading a blog that shared, “Page rank means nothing.” The blog further states:

“Ya, I said it. It’s a loose comparative tool for relative sites but does not rank the site’s productivity. A less than google-perfect site can still be making tens of thousands of dollars. I know this because one of my sites has well over 550,000 in traffic monthly and ranks #1 out of more than 2 million sites… and has a PR of …. ready for this? PAGE RANK 2.”

I don’t doubt the blogger when she say that she is getting “550,000 in traffic monthly” and that her site “ranks #1 out of more than 2 million sites.” What I seriously doubt though is that all that traffic comes from just one single #1 ranking keyword. If so, that single keyword is very unlikely to be “low hanging fruit,” that a page rank 2 site can easily snatch up.

Like it or not, google page rank is a great indicator on the strength of a website. I would love to see a page rank 2 website rank #1 on the keyword “mp3” or “credit card,” it’s just not going to happen. Having low or no page rank doesn’t mean you are not going to rank for any keywords, but it does mean the super competitive keywords are most likely out of your reach.

A great example to prove my point is this very blog. MyMarketer once enjoyed the glorious page rank of six. Due to some unfortunate events after I sold MyMarketer, the domain was burned and demoted to a page rank zero. In its glory days MyMarketer was seeing thousands of visitors a month. I just checked the analytics and for the last 30 days received a grand total of 106 unique visitors from Google.

I have no doubts that there are several factors that play into the low volume of traffic for MyMarketer. However, I also know that my SEO efforts on other sites show page rank still has power. When I receive a strong page rank backlink on these sites I increase in ranking for whatever the anchored text was for that backlink. Until that undesputed fact changes page rank will always mean something!

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