My New Year’s Gift – PHP Code that Updates Your Copyright Year

by Paul Wilson


Happy 2010! For some reason I always prefer even years over the odd years. Not sure why, but I just feel more energized at the beginning of even years (probably a part of my OCD-ness showing).

Today I was looking at a couple of my blogs and I realized that the copyright date in the footer of some of them had not updated from 2009 to 2010. I figure I am not the only person to have this problem. So, I thought I would offer as a new year’s gift the below PHP code that automatically changes your blog’s copyright date to the current year on January 1st.

Required Code
Copyright © //Shows the copyright and its associated symbol
< ?php echo date("Y"); ?> //shows current year
< ?php bloginfo("name"); ?>. All rights reserved. //shows the name of the blog found in the wordpress general settings and reserved rights

What It Looks Like
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