Another Challenge

by Paul Wilson


creative_pic01.jpgI guess I really like to challenge Ms. Draper’s 6th graders. I have found that every challenge I offer her students seem to rise to the task.

So today I created another challenge for Ms. Draper’s class (this makes number three). The challenge is to think of a cool name for a new website I want to create.

I have come to love teaching Internet Business to kids, and I plan to continue by creating a free community class. However, I don’t have a name for this new idea.

The challenge is this: Come up with a name and on Tuesday, June 5th, the class will vote on the best name. The name can be anything from “” (provided by Ozzie) or “” (already taken)—it’s left up to your creativity.

So what do you get if you win? Glad you asked. I am offering a consulting package worth $1,000. It’s worth a $1,000 because that’s how much I am going to help the winner make. Some of the things you get for winning:

  1. Your own domain name, blog, & website.
  2. Setup on eBay, and help on selling your first couple of items.
  3. Help on establishing your first affiliate marketing campaign.
  4. A free press release (I charge $$$ to write press release for people).
  5. And anything else that I think will help you succeed on the Internet.

This prize should make your summer vacation a lot more interesting. Have fun! ~Paul W.

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