A Rebuttal: Should you Build links to your Article Directory Articles?

by Paul Wilson


Josh Spaulding wrote a fantastic article about whether or not you should build backlinks to your article directory articles (let’s just call these articles, AD Articles). His answer:

“The answer to the question is 98% of the time, no. And 2% of the time, yes.”

He continues on to state that AD Articles are for ranking on easy longtail and that they shouldn’t be used to rank on difficult keywords. I 100% endorse this method…if you are writing AD Articles to have them rank for your longtail instead of having your own site rank for them. However, I use AD Articles in a completely different manner.

I don’t really use AD Articles for ranking the AD Article itself on my longtail, but rather as a backlink to a similar article on my own site. I love AD Articles because they provide relevent backlinks to my own site page. Generally, my technique is to write three articles all with the same title and subject matter (but with different content) and place them on three different authoritive AD Sites. All three have the same anchored text pointing back to a post on my own site with the same title (and thus the same title tag).

Doing AD Marketing this way makes it important to have as much authority as possible on each of my AD Articles. So, I will build backlinks to those AD Articles to give them more power. Yet, there is several ways you can structure your backlinks to your AD Articles. You can either have the anchored text be the same as what you are trying to rank your own article on or you can use some other anchored text (but still related).

For me, I like to use the second method for building backlinks to my AD Articles. It allows me to target more keywords. However, I never build authority for an AD Article using a longtail keyword that I am not already targeting on my own site. Interestingly enough, I have never had an AD Article out rank me.

I prefer this style of AD Marketing over Josh’s method. As Josh pointed out, there is a fundamental problem with his method:

“…you have [to] remember that this isn’t traffic to your site! The article still has to convert that traffic to your site!”

Obviously, you can use both techniques. However, each method is focusing on a different end goal. Josh is truly using AD Articles as an ad for his own site in the search engines; whereas, my AD Articles are being used more as authoritive backlinks to my site. Putting backlinks to your backlinks may be too much effort for a simple longtail keyword, but if you are going to spend any time focusing on a keyword (primary or longtail) you need to take the time to have the traffic go to your site over the AD Site.

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