Blog Crush

by Paul Wilson


blogcrush.jpegMy partner Janet always talks about blog crushes, but I never thought anyone would have one for me. I have google alerts setup for, and recently I was alerted that someone wrote a Wikipedia article about me.

Of course, the article wasn’t there when I went to the site. It was seen as a vanity post and deleted. I contacted the person who deleted the post because I was curious what the article said. I was sent the deleted post but I wasn’t able to discover who wrote it. Below is the post, and whoever you may be, thank you! ~Paul W. is run by marketing consultant Paul Wilson of Salt Lake City, Utah. Paul has been involved in numerous charitable and good causes.

His contributions include the following: – He was brought on to launch an aggressive web marketing campaign to generate housing for the hurricane survivors. With an amazing team they were able to generate over 200,000 beds for those displaced by the three hurricanes of 2005. They also were able to find over 100,000 people transitional housing while they waited for FEMA to get organized. – The point of this project was to fight Internet pornography. The efforts were mainly focused on trying to stop people from being exposed to questionable sites that they didn’t want to see. From both traditional and web marketing techniques he was able to help Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) pass the Child Abduction Prevention Act and The Child Obscenity and Pornography Prevention Act of 2003. – A site dedicated to trying to get donations mailed from the United States to Baghdad, Iraq for needy families who were visiting a U.S. clinic set up by the U.S. Military. Paul used his marketing skills to get the charity much more exposure.

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