The Raffle of Life!

by Paul Wilson


raffleticket.jpgYesterday was my final day with Ms. Draper’s 6th grade class. We actually had a lot of fun. For my last day I held a large raffle, and brought in tons of fun prizes.

I wanted to teach the kids the principle of showing up to life. Before doing the raffle I asked lots of questions. Each kid who answered a question—whether right or wrong—received additional tickets for the raffle.

I have been handing out tickets all week long so the kids were used to this practice. On the other days, though, I only had two prizes that I raffled off. I don’t think the kids expected me to do anything different. So when I started pulling out pocket size radios, videos, watches, and other fun stuff the kids really started to get excited.

Naturally the students who really participated had a higher chance of getting stuff from the raffle. I also didn’t limit how many prizes the kids could win. I explained after the raffle that I wanted the kids to see how easy it was to get something when they just tried.

However, when there were only a few prizes left I asked who hadn’t received something yet. There were six kids left and I allowed them to come up and get something out of the prize basket. This way I didn’t leave anyone empty handed.

Yet, all of these kids only had one ticket, the bare minimum. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the best prizes that were offered at the beginning of the raffle. I also know that the prizes they did get weren’t to shabby either.

I really believe this is a great life lesson. I talk to a lot of people who tell me that they couldn’t do what I do, or that they just have bad luck. I honestly believe if people put in the extra effort that they would find that luck would come their way.

It was also possible that a kid who had just one ticket could be called at the beginning of the raffle; however, the odds were against him or her. This being understood the more we try the more likely life is going to cut us a break. I firmly believe in this principle and I hope that I was able to convey to Ms. Draper’s class.

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