The Winners Are!

by Paul Wilson


I need to announce the different winners of the challenges given to Ms. Draper’s class. First, I have to admit that I am seriously impressed with these students. I issued three challenges: The $100 Challenge; $5 Challenge; and The Name Challenge.With each challenge I was impressed with the effort the kids put into it. I did notice that there were a core group of kids who worked hard at every challenge I offered. I have a lot of hope in these kids. I really believe they will be our future successful leaders in whatever they decide to do.

Out of all the winners the one I am most impressed with is the winner of the $100 Challenge. This challenge was to find a five letter word or less in that was not registered as a dot com. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect anyone to win the $100.

However, I was surprised when I received an email from Zach M. who had found the word “slaie” (slaie: a guide used in weaving). I went and checked with and, sure enough, it was a word and it wasn’t registered as a dot com.

I was so impressed that not only did I give Zach a $100, but I also purchased and ZachM*****.com for his personal use. I cannot even imagine what it took to find this word. I am a firm believer that when money is involved a 12 year old will do what it takes to earn it.

I have to also give notable recognition toDawson. After Zach won the $100 Challenge I informed the students that they could still get $100 if they found an unregistered four letter word.Dawsonwas the only one to send me a word (morr). However, much to Zach’s chagrin the word had already been registered.

There were two winners for the $5 Challenge: Zach L. and Michael N.,. Michael received $10 for the two words he found, and though all of Zach’s words were disqualified, he received $40 for sending in the most unregistered words.

As for the Name Challenge there were no winners from Ms. Draper’s class. There are several people who read my blog on a regular basis who sent in possible names. Ms. Draper’s students voted on all the names and chose the name (the original winner was weblemonade, but all the url extensions were already taken). The name idea came from Brandan, who recommended, but the kids liked better.

All in all, it was a lot of fun challenging the students and seeing their results. I have no doubts after spending time with these kids that our future is in good hands. I just hope we don’t mess it up before they can inherit it!

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