Brilliant Marketing!

by Paul Wilson


crm.jpgAs mentioned before, my day job is with Oracle. Many of my friends often think I work on databases all day (databases are Oracle’s bread and butter). Instead I am on the business applications side of things, specifically CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

I work with the large enterprise accounts, such as Dell, Texas Instruments, Ericsson, and others. As I work on these accounts there are many competitors I have to fight against. For some reason Oracle headquarters think our biggest competitor is SAP.

I have to disagree; I believe our biggest arch nemesis in this arena is (SFDC). They are in every account I work on and believe me they are annoying.

As annoying as they are I tip my hat off to their marketing. They have a good product but our Siebel On Demand is superior. This though, really doesn’t matter since most business customers are only able to hear SFDC’s story.

One thing that I felt was a stroke of brilliance on their part was their web marketing. Go to Google and type in CRM. No matter how hard Oracle tries or how much money they pay, they will never be number one. The reason: SFDC’s stock ticker is CRM. Google will always show the stock ticker at the top.

When I realized this I sat back in awe. I don’t know if they intended this when they registered their stock name as CRM, but whoever thought of the idea deserves a fat raise!

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