The Adorable Face of Affiliate Marketing

by Paul Wilson


I am always a sucker for swag, particularly cool swag. So, when offered to send me their cool shirt I couldn’t resist. However, the condition of receiving this great swag was that I did a post on how I wear the shirt. Well, we received the shirt and I realized as cool as the shirt was, it looks far better on someone else—my 10 month old daughter.

Meet Chloe

Now I am a first time Dad, and I will admit that I take on a little bit of “first-time-dad” pride. Even more so, when it comes to showing off my baby girl. Frankly, I firmly believe that Chloe is the most beautiful baby in the world. Actually, I am certain I can get this confirmed! Therefore, I felt it fitting to give only the best model possible for their t-shirt. I know once Chloe’s innate modeling talent is witnessed she will be in high demand to do everyone’s web marketing campaigns (sorry godaddy, Chloe will never be godaddy girl)!

Anyway, if anything, thank you for indulging a very proud father, who loves showing off his little girl anyway possible! Oh, and I guess, is doing a contest for the best post displaying their shirt. I will just give my apologies now to the other bloggers. I blame Chloe’s mother for her being so cute!


Chloe Modeling's Swag T-Shirt. I like to start indoctrinating my children quite young when it comes to web marketing =).

Update (03/01/2010): Today announced as the winner of the t-shirt contest. As much as my fatherly pride doesn’t want to admit it, Heather deserves to win the contest. Her post is an excellent post on wearing her t-shirt to the Canadian winter Olympics. That’s really a hard act to follow no matter how cute I may think my little girl is =) . S0, congrats Heather to winning’s contest and the gold in hockey!

Update (03/03/2010): So, this morning I received an email from and I almost threw it into my spam folder. However, upon further checking I realized it was a $100 eGift from Tom Wozniak and the crew over at Tom’s note: “Hey Paul – thanks again for entering the T-shirt Contest. We also wanted to send a special thank you to Chloe. Hope she enjoys it.” I actually think Chloe’s mom will enjoy this gift as much as Chloe will! Thanks Tom for the consideration. Obviously, you didn’t have to, but we do appreciate your generosity!

P.S. Below is one more proud Dad moment. Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

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