Our New Website: Scholar.ly

by Paul Wilson


scholarship.jpgI have been meaning to blog about Scholar.ly for the last week.

The best way to describe Scholar.ly is that it is a mashup between Facebook and Digg. With Scholar.ly you have both the elements of a college social network and a voting community. This voting network is wrapped around the ultraistic idea of providing scholarships to the masses. Scholar.ly was created to give every person who desires a higher education a chance—regardless of finances, ethnicity, grades, talent, age, or athletic ability.

The site is new and has not been marketed. Janet and I launched Scholar.ly on May 29th and we still have a lot of work to do. Yet, what has been done is quite amazing.

We entered Scholar.ly into a Yahoo contest. Unfortunately, we didn’t hear about the contest until the day before. So we pulled together a street team and 36 hours later the team created a fantastic website.

Literally, we had one designer, two programmers, and four content writers (myself included) using the midnight oil to meet our deadline. I really believe our little website has a chance. Yet, if Yahoo decides not to pick us I still think that Scholar.ly will become a billion dollar website!

P.S. You might be wondering what .ly stands for. Libya owns this domain extension, and if you ever decided to buy from them talk to me. There’s a heck of a learning curve involved with Libya—just ask Janet!

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