I Am Now On Wikipedia!

by Paul Wilson


wikipedia.JPGSo I finally discovered who wrote the Wikipedia article about me. My friend in Iraq, Scott, wanted to thank me for blogging about their humanitarian effort by writing an article in Wikipedia on me.

Scott is quite web savvy, so it made me smile when he told me this. He knew that it would help my blog ranking if I had a link from Wikipedia.

He called me from Iraq to let me know that he finally was able to not have Wikipedia delete his post on me. In case Wikipedia does delete Scott’s thank you—which they probably will—I’ve posted below what he wrote (you can also click here to read it on Wikipedia until it vanishes).

Paul Wilson (Consultant)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Paul Wilson is a philanthropist and consultant. He has led several initiatives which include finding housing for Hurricane Katrina Victims,[1][2][3][4], providing pro bono marketing for an Iraqi relief group as mentioned on his blog[5], and fighting for legislation for online safety.[citation needed]

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