Stick: A Virtual Push Pin

by Paul Wilson


So, for the last few years I have been using a free piece of software, called Stick, that has been really quite useful. Stick allows you to add a virtual “push pin” to any widow pane or software interface. Once you add the push pin that window will always be viewed as the top window pane. This is extremely helpful when I am going from one program to another and have lots of windows open. Before this great piece of software I had to add an additional step of clicking on the window in the task bar. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you have to do it several hundreds of times it gets old and fast.

I have no idea where I downloaded it.  I looked into the software properties and there is no attribute to the creator. Thus, I can’t give a hardy thank you to the designer of Stick. Really, I use this software multiple times a day, and frankly I am surprised that Microsoft hasn’t added this feature into Windows (but let’s be honest when does Microsoft really build for the user in mind, IE is a perfect of example of this corporate blindness).

Anyway, Stick is free, and as far as I can tell it’s under creative commons. I will be using another computer for the next few weeks, and this software is something I can’t live without. So, I decided to upload it to mymarketer in order for me to download it when I start using the new machine.

This being the case, I figured I would write up a quick post and let you benefit from my temporary computer situation. Below is a link to zip file for you to download Stick. Once you download the file, unzip and run the executable file. Stick will do everything from there. Once you are done you should have a new icon on your desktop. Click on it and a little image of a push pin will appear. Drag the push pin to what ever window you want to stay on top and double click on the push pin. It will “stick” to your window and always make it on top. If you want to unstick your window just close down the window. You can also minimize the window to your task bar, but the window will still be sticky when unminimize the window.

If I am wrong about my assumption of  Stick being under creative commons I will gladly post a link to the founder’s site for you to go there to get this snappy tool. ~Paul


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