Salary Requirements

by Paul Wilson


dollar_sign.jpgSo this is kind of a personal/business blog post. I just couldn’t let my readers miss out on a recent conversation I had. Just a few days ago, I talked to my lawyer friend “Brenda” (not her real name because I don’t need the lawsuit; but I know she will absolutely adore the pseudonym I chose for her ūüėČ).

Brenda falls into my close friends’ category who can always make me laugh. You never know what to expect to come out of her mouth, but you do know that it is going to be full of sass and humor.

Brenda is also the type of friend who falls into my “Never In A Million Years Will I Date This Girl” category. This sounds harsh but I know I fall into her “Never In A Billion Years Will I Date This Guy” category. We just have this understanding that it would never work out with us; and even it could work out, we wouldn’t want it to.

So, anyway Brenda finished law school a year ago and is now working for an out-of-state firm. Randomly I decided to call her Saturday and our conversation somehow moved to the six figure salary she is making.

She told me that she now has a minimum salary base that she expects from the guys she dates. This cracked me up. It’s already tough enough to pass through most girls‚Äô check lists, but to have a salary requirement is too much.

I told her that I was going to blog about our conversation and she responded later by sending this text message:

“Blog this! If guys expect me to be a size 6 what’s wrong with me expecting 6 figures!”

Between my Oracle salary and the money I make from web consulting I informed her that I fell into her salary range. She said that I was an exception to her six figure salary rule—I need an eight figure salary, several large diamond mines, and to be a king over a large country for her to even consider me as a possibility!

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