Wikipedia Musings

by Paul Wilson


wikipedialogo.jpgWikipedia is an interesting beast when it comes to marketing. I’ve learned this lesson from the article Scott wrote on me in Wikipedia.

My business partner Janet completely freaked when she heard that I had blogged about being on Wikipedia. Janet blogs daily on Wikipedia for Podango and felt from her research that anyone who boasts about being in Wikipedia gets removed.

Sure enough, not two days after blogging about being in Wikipedia someone tried to delete the Wikipedia article. I am not quite sure why the article wasn’t just outright deleted, but rather a notice was posted that if the author didn’t respond the article was going to be deleted.

Scott went in and did his magic and saved the article. So, after several weeks of being on Wikipedia I am still there. Though, I am sure if Janet is right about the consequences of blogging this blog post won’t help me stay on Wikipedia.

I asked Scott what he did in order to not have the article deleted straight out. In my opinion, if you read the article it does come across a bit like a vanity piece. Scott said that he had posted several times and the article was usually deleted in minutes, sometimes seconds.

He believes that the reason why it has made it so far is the multiple references he has made on the projects I’ve done. So if you want to get on Wikipedia and stay there I would recommend getting as many references from other sources.

My Katrina work gave Scott a plethora of material to cite; whereas my online safety project didn’t have any citations. This being the case he was still able to get the article in. I recommend you focus on one or two projects that can get acknowledgment and then use these as citations.

Janet also sent me an email posing the following questions:

“Do you think it would matter much to get a link on Wikipedia’s simple version? Or how about Wikipedia in another language? Maybe people don’t police them as much.”

I think these are great questions and would make an interesting case studies. Does anyone speak Chinese? ~Paul W.

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