The Daily Lunch Box

by Paul Wilson


tdlb01.jpgThis week I started a tradition at my work called: “The Daily Lunch Box”. Every morning I send out an email to my department concerning three to six really fun websites.

I stole this tradition from an old co-working who said that he used to do this practice several years back. I decided to resurrect the tradition because my head is so full of cool websites that it’s leaking all over the place.

I title it “The Daily Lunch Box” as a disclaimer. I informed my co-workers that the email should be investigated on their lunch break. I don’t think anyone at Oracle cares if they look at the sites not on their lunch break, but I am just covering my bases—you never know with corporate America!

I’ve decided to share these daily emails with my readers. Expect a daily, or close to daily, post on what I am sharing with my work. They are simple emails but the websites in the emails represent hours of surfing and playing on the web.

If you have any websites you would like to add to “The Daily Lunch Box,” just let me know. ~Paul W.

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