The Daily Lunch Box #01

by Paul Wilson


What is the Daily Lunch Box?

tdlb01.jpg To kick-off the new tradition of “The Daily Lunch Box” I will share with you my three all time favorite websites:

(1) – Pandora offers you a radio experience without commercial interruptions. What is fun about Pandora is that the site is trying to map out the music you are interested in. It will send you different songs and you vote on whether you like it or not. I have one station so fine tuned that I rarely get a song I don’t like.

(2) – This legit website has a library of just about every movie and television show on the web for you to watch. If you are like me, you can catch up on “The Office” series you missed, or watch the latest and greatest movie. Really cool site.

(3) – I couldn’t share my top sites without doing a shameless plug for my own blog. Here you will discover my deepest and darkest secrets—well at least with web marketing =).

If you would like to suggest other cool sites please feel free to let me know. ~Paul W.

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