The Daily Lunch Box #03

by Paul Wilson


What is the Daily Lunch Box?

Here’s a list of some amazing search engines to assist you in finding information on just about anything:

tdlb01.jpg(1) – One of my favorite search engines, because every time you do a search it gives a portion of the ad money to a charity of your choice (my co-worker and I have been able to raise $10 for “Rescue A Million.”)

(2) – The search engine that talks back to you.

(3) – One of the best video search engines on the web.

(4) – compares the results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN all in one search. It’s like Dogpile except it doesn’t include searches from

(5) – a site where you can search the web for both sounds and videos.

(6) – A kid friendly search engine.

(7) – A great tool for finding more information about your competition.

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