WordPress Categories Versus Tags

by Paul Wilson


Tags are often a misunderstood element of WordPress. Many people for some reason use tags and categories interchangeably, which dilutes the point of either function.

The way I like to explain the relation of tags and categories to your blog is that of a book with chapters and an index. Categories are the chapters to a book and tags are the index to the same book. Categories should focus on high level segregation; whereas, tags are more on the granular bases with your information division.

The amount of tagging is really dependant upon the content, but if you are only adding one tag to a post you are not optimizing the value of the tag and might as well just use your categories. Having multiple tags provides several entries in your blog’s content “index,” and makes it easier for the post to be found.

My general rule is to have at least three tags to every post and to have one of the tags not be a new tag. That way I link my new post to another post on my blog.

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