Making Money Off Your Blog

by Paul Wilson


money-tree.jpgOne cannot be a marketer and not use advertising as a means to accomplish marketing success. Yet, there’s nothing I dislike more in marketing then ad prostitution (which seems to be rampant on the Internet).

I do believe that there can be a balance between good content and ways to monetize this content. Lately I’ve been researching different ways to turn blogging into a full time profession.

As I have done my research Google Adsense always seems to be the suggestion for the first thing a blogger should do when monetizing their blogs. It seems that Google Adsense feeds into the the Internet dream of having a website that generates money with little effort.

In my quest to see if Google Adsense really delivers the true Internet dream I stumbled across a great website called This website shows how much money you would make if you had Google Adsense running on your blog.

I wouldn’t absolutely bank on the predictions of but it does make a compelling argument for Google Adsense. Since my blog is fairly new, I decided to go and look at my fellow Utah bloggers who are not using Google Adsense and see how much potential money they are losing out on :).

(1) I thought I would pick on my business partner first. Janet has some ads on her site but not Google Adsense.


(2) I actually looked at both of Steve’s websites ( and Something I found interesting was that there was currently no Google page rank for the Twelve Horses blog; whereas Utah Tech Spotlight had a page rank of 5. However, between the two sites Adsensemeter shows that Twelve Horses, with no page rank, would be the money maker.


(3) Jason runs “a personal relationship manager that allows you to do everything you need to do to manage a job search and optimize your network relationships – for the duration of your career!” I don’t ever seeing Jason monetizing the JibberJobber blog, but the extra five to six hundred dollars could pay for some great off shoring programing! ūüėČ


(4) So the below payouts threw me off. At first I thought that Jeff Barson was bringing enough traffic to make ten to thirteen thousand dollars a month. However, if you look at the actual graph it shows that this is an adsense payout for, a site similar to word press and blogger. So I guess you can’t tell how much money you would make off of adsense if you have a sub-domain blog.


(5) With how popular Phil Windley is here in Utah I was expecting his adsense payouts to be more like Janet’s. Of course, I should note that to even make this amount of an adsense payout would be nice.


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