True Marketing Geek

by Paul Wilson


So when do you know you have reached true geekdom with internet marketing? Well, I am sure that there are phases or steps that you must follow before you acquire full actualization of e-geek! However, I will give you one experience in my life that tells you that I am not far away. Right at this very moment my long-time friend and roommate is hosting a party at our town house. Now, I am a single, very eligible, 29 year old man who should be extremely interested in the fact that there are very lovely women downstairs in my living room laughing and having a good time. Yet, instead I have sneaked away to read the latest Bryan Eisenberg blog on cow patties and conversion. Now friends if that is not geeky please tell me what is.

If you’re not familiar with Bryan and FutureNow, Inc than you are missing out. The blog is hosted off, which is one, if not the best sites on understanding OSO (On Site Optimization). There home page sums it up best:

“Conventional wisdom says simply driving more, or better targeted, traffic is the best way to increase sales; this is rarely true. Every website has goals, and customers realizing those goals are conversions.

The key is that customer motivations drive the buying process not the company’s sales process or media buy.”

Is that not the most beautiful statement about understanding true costumer conversion! With such profound words can anyone not realize why I am not downstairs enjoying non-marketing conversations!

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