Making Money Off Your Phone & Blog

by Paul Wilson


moneyphone.jpgI have been fascinated with how one completely makes a living off the web. I have friends who are web millionaires and I cannot learn enough on how they and others do it.

For the last few weeks I’ve surfed the web looking at all the different ways one can make money. I filtered out all the the get-rich-garbage that litters the web like online surveys or multi-level marketing schemes (don’t even get me started on the MLMs!).

What I learned was that there are quite a few things you can do to earn some extra cash. One that I found that really interests me is This site allows you to monetize your phone by charging people when they call you for consulting or advice.

This is how it works:

  1. Go to and get an Ether phone number (mine is 1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 01991256)
  2. Establish your price for taking the call (I chose to charge $80 an hour for Internet marketing consulting, but you can also do per minute charges).
  3. When people call your Ether number their call is re-routed to the number you provided to Ether.
  4. Before the caller talks with you he or she has already setup an account with Ether. This makes it so Ether can bill the caller’s credit card information.
  5. After the call Ether takes their cut of 15% from what you earned.

Some might feel feel that 15% is a steep commission price to payout, but I think not having to deal with the credit card billing hassle makes it worth it! Plus, having done consulting for sometime it’s nice to n0t have to even talk about payment. By the time the caller gets to you it’s all taken care of.

Ether and Your Blog

Now the important question is how do you utilize Ether with your blog? Ether provides blog badges (see below) for you to add to your blog’s side navigation bar. I think however there needs to be more then just adding a badge and waiting for people to call.

When I consult new bloggers I share that professional blogging is not journal writing but rather more like newspaper writing. Back in the day when I read tangible print newspapers I always looked at journalists as experts in their field. I didn’t always agree with their articles but I didn’t think they were ignorant in what they were writing on.

Unfortunately, I cannot always say this with some bloggers these days. You need to position your blog as a place for your readers to visit when they need assistance in your area of expertise. When you approach your blog with this mindset your Ether button will have much more value.

I also know that you can add plugins with your blog where you can put the Ether badge at the end of ever post you write. Sometimes we become desensitized to the advertising found on the side navigation. By adding the badge at the end of your post people are constantly reminded that they can talk to you personally and get some in depth one on one advice.

I would be curious to hear from those of you who use Ether or other services like it. As I’ve conducted my research I’ve found literally hundreds of different ways for you to make money utilizing the web. I feel that what stops people from being wealthy is not lack of opportunity but fear of the unknown! ~Paul W.


And My Favorite

Paul Wilson

1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 01991256

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