I am the 39,615,049 richest person in the world

by Paul Wilson


penny.jpgSo according to www.globalrichlist.com I am “the 39,615,049 richest person in the world!” Who knew that I made “the top 50 million richest people in the world” list. My secret to my untold wealth comes from the thousands of pennies I have saved over the years 8)!

I must admit that I thought that this social marketing tactic was quite clever. I think it follows the same vein with the previous post of Dove’s enhancement video (and TuffSheet’s spoof off of it). I think that most marketers these days have lost the creativity to engage the consumer.

TV advertising has created a generation of marketers that believe quantity not quality matters. Instead of finding quality ways to make the consumer buy, marketers these days create garbage and send it to the masses. These gimmicks are used in hopes that a small percentage will digest the noise and evidently submit themselves to the will of the Almighty Marketer!

You all know what I am talking about. It’s the commercials that do not appeal to 99% of the population but yet you still see them day in and day out. You would think that TiVo would be a loud wake up call to the higher ups that we no longer will take whatever trash they dish us. What really annoys me is that television and other medias are fighting against their consumers. Do they really believe that they know better our wants than ourselves? It just perplexes me!

So, thank you to GlobalRichList and others who believe in creative marketing and try to bring us marketing campaigns that truly engage us on an intelligent level!

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