The Mormon Church Knows SEO

by Paul Wilson


12/30/2010 UPDATE: My good friend Tyler sent me over a more in depth case study on the LDS Church’s SEO efforts. It comes from a U.K. Web Development firm, and the author breaks down the Mormon Church’s strong points in SEO. Very interesting read!

It has been a while since I’ve blogged here, but it is not because I’ve given up—quite on the contrary. I am working hard to launch a shiny brand new MyMarketer for 2011. I’ve spent several months now on the design and a new content direction. I refined my focus and I am excited to take these blogging efforts to the next level. So, keep a watch out for it.

Being that tomorrow is Christmas, I figured I could get away with mixing a little religion and business. I came across a great case study (see the below video) sharing how the Mormon Church really knows SEO. The video comes from 2010 SES Chicago and it is a great interview with Avinash Kaushik, the co-Founder of Market Motive Inc. and an Analytics Evangelist for Google. You cannot help but feel Avinash’s enthusiasm concerning SEO while he is interviewed. I think any web marketer will benefit from viewing this video, and you can read more about Avinash’s LDS tag cloud on his blog (see tip #6).

I give full disclose that I am biased here since I am an active Mormon (a.k.a. LDS, Latter-day Saint, or some people also like to refer to us using creative four letter words and colorful adjectives Ü). I have worked with the Mormon Church on several SEO initiatives and can tell you first hand that the people in Salt Lake City really do know what they are doing.

It is interesting because when I started web marketing in 1999 the LDS Church didn’t even have a live website. Now you can see their YouTube videos and banner adds all over the web. In fact, I believe the Church is far superior in their marketing efforts than most billion dollar corporations I have worked for. This probably stems from the global marketing/missionary efforts that many have come to associate the Church with.

Anyway, thank you for allowing my little indulgence, and keep an eye out in January for the new MyMarketer. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. ~Paul W.

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