The Daily Lunch Box #08

by Paul Wilson



What is the Daily Lunch Box?

Additional suggestions from past emails
Clay recommends this site:

Monika is looking to do a little travel and wanted some airfare deals. – One of the rare travel sites that tracks Southwest’s deals. A site I highly recommend!
– When you combine this website with you create quite the comprehensive travel search.  – This site is an airfare prediction website. Farecast uses a statistical method to see if you should buy now or wait? – In case Farecast doesn’t work for you Yapta will track your airfare prices even after you buy a ticket. Did you know you could get a refund or travel credit when prices drop after you’ve bought a ticket? The airlines offer this policy only if you buy on the airline website (and they want you to have the confidence to buy early). Yapta alerts people when prices drop so they can get these refunds and credits from the airlines.

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