by Paul Wilson


forsale.jpgSo, having these daily lunchboxes makes it more apparent how little I blog. Honestly, if I could get a job that just let me blog my own site then I would be all over it. Such is not the case, and therefore you must persist in having the daily lunchboxes!

However, I did want to let my readership know that Janet and I are selling Back in January we were going to develop this into a voting web site. Basically it was going to be a site in which anyone in the world could register to vote on who they would like to be the future president of the United States. You see, we want to market everything AND the kitchen sink.

But, being slightly ADD, we’ve overextended ourselves. We’re still working on two ebooks,, and our dating website (which is being redesigned right now). We realize this can be a great domain – for someone else. Look at on Sedo.

Pretty soon we will also sell another political domain name: – I really love this one because it’s so web2.0 and unique. It was an adventure registering it. I’ll link to it when it’s through the verification process.

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