A True Blog Geek!

by Paul Wilson


So, I decided that I was going to try a new form of advertising—License Plate Advertising.

Recently I paid $58 to acquire a vanity plate from the The Utah Department of Motor Vehicles. Believe it or not, but BLOGGER had not been taken! I know, I too was astounded. It’s like finding a great one word domain name available.


Originally I wanted BLOGTHIS but Utah only allows seven letter license plates. As I racked my brain on what to use I thought of BLOGGER. Initially, I rejected the idea because it made me think of the Google site/software Blogger.com. For me and my blog we will follow the way of WordPress.

Yet I looked at the alternatives and realized that BLOGGER really was my best choice. Plus, I think most people would universally recognize me as blogger with a license plate tauting the fact.

I can now officially say that I have embraced my geekiness with blogging. In fact, I think having a vanity plate that advertises your freakish ways almost puts you in whole other category of blog geek all together!

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