Morgan Webb: Our Blogging Princess

by Paul Wilson


There is so much happening on the web that it’s rare that I feel like I am the first to learn of something. Fortunately though, yesterday I stumbled across on the first day they launched. WebbAlert is a video blog hosted by the famous and beautiful Morgan Webb.

I have known of Morgan’s fame, being that I am a recovering video game addict. However, I have not watched her show, X-Play, since I’ve been sober from video games for five and half years (it’s sad but true, I cannot play vgames without handing over my life to the console).

Yet, I will be an active watcher of her video blog. Her blog covers the latest in tech news and the digital culture. It’s about time us tech/blog geeks have beauty to represent us. No offense Scoble but you just don’t do it for me!

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