The Law of the Harvest and MyMarketer

by Paul Wilson


After five years of blogging on anything and everything related to the Internet, MyMarketer has undergone a new focus and look. The focus is geared around my philosophy of how to be successful with web marketing.

Over the last decade I have seen, and have been guilty of participating in, many get quick or get rich marketing campaigns. It is a rare day that one, if any, have succeeded to bring the desired results to those who participated in them.

However, contrast these glitzy empty marketing strategies, with the marketing principles surrounding the laws of the harvest. Time and time again I have seen people climb to the top of their game and achieve their marketing goals by following the first law of the harvest: You Reap What You Sow.

Truly, this law, and the other laws associated with the harvest, can be applied as best business practices in the general sense. Yet, these laws are also quite “fruitful” in the marketing sector as well. MyMarketer has taken on this mantra and is building all its content direction around different aspects of working on the farm.

Six areas of farm life have been infused into MyMarketer’s coverage on Internet marketing methods and strategies. It is our hopes that from these efforts we can inspire some individuals to begin planting in order to reap the benefit from the harvest of their own work. Sustainable success in marketing is definitely work, but the harvest is well worth the effort.

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