A Quick Look At Unusual Sites

by Paul Wilson


abstract1.jpgIt has taken some time but I finally feel that MyMarketer.net has become the blog I’ve wanted. I like the new look much better than before. People just didn’t get the whole reference to the kitchen sink. This is a principle I learned long ago in marketing—don’t try to be too tongue in cheek, people just don’t get it. To bad I didn’t learn the first time.

As you create your own website or blog it is important to always keep in mind the end user. Sometimes you can get away with an unusual name or layout, but this is generally the exception and not the norm. You should try to make it as easy as possible for people to understand what your site is all about.

It seems that web 2.0 violates this rule. With names like flickr, delicious, maple, and even digg are hard on the end user. However, you can get away with an unusual name if in .0002 seconds the user can tell what the site is about when they visit the site.

To learn from my experience I’ve listed other sites that have unusual names, layouts, and/or site concepts. Some make it easier on the user than others. See if you can tell what the site is by just looking at the name of the site.

  1. DoshDosh.com – This blog by Maki is my favorite site on making money with the Internet (I never miss a post of his). If you were a newbie to doshdosh you might be confused by the plethora of anime girls that are associated to every post. However, if you look at the top right hand tag line of the site you will see that Maki has summed up the purpose of the site: “Helping you make money online.” Yet, I remember the first time I went to his site and his gumby looking devil still made me second guess whether I was on the right site.


  1. Minekey.com – The first thing I saw with this site was “Minekey Recommendations Widget.” I am very familiar with widgets but I couldn’t figure out what they were trying to say. I think if they said something like: Minekey: The Home of the Recommendation Widget. Generic and little long but it tells me so much more than their current tag line. By the way, this is really cool widget and one that I need to add to my blog!


  1. Bokardo.com – This is a really cool blog on understanding the social web. However, their layout is probably the funkiest I have come across. It will take you a few moments to become acclimated to your surroundings. Their header is a thine colored line that is suppose to show you the breakup of the three column layout (which I didn’t notice until writing this). Once you figure out how they are laying everything out it won’t take you long to adjust. Yet, because the site is laid out so differently I wonder how many first users they lose.


  1. Xplored.eu – It is obvious that this site was created by a very talented designer. The way they laid out the site is quite unique. Yet, I can’t tell if they are exploring haunted and unusual places or if that is just the title of one of their pictures. Either way I enjoyed seeing places that I probably will never visit.


  1. Phrontistery.info – Can you pronounce this name? Before going to the site I tried to imagine just exactly what the site was. The only thing I could come up with was that it was foreign—I was wrong. Yet, even after going to the site it still took me a bit to figure out what they were doing. Once you do realize the purpose of this site the name actually makes a lot of sense!


  1. MHQ.nl – It’s probably unfair for me to use to foreign extension sites, but the next two sites I couldn’t pass up. This site wins the most unusual layout of any site I have ever seen. Even after reading their brief write-up I am still unsure what they are trying to accomplish. I guess it doesn’t matter when you are cool enough to create this type of navigation!


  1. SR.se– I am actually not highlighting the front page of this site (mainly because I don’t speak swedish). You actually need to go to sr.se/P1/src/sing. First, this page provided hours of fun to my party guests last week. Yet, it was also interesting to watch my friends try to understand the site when they went to it. For a couple of people I had to actually walk them through what the site was trying to do. I think the problem comes because most browsers block site pop-ups. Instead of allowing a pop-up to help your users understand, I recommend that they use a bit of their whitespace (or grayspace) to explain their purpose. Definitely a great site to play around with.


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