My Imperfect Plan

by Paul Wilson


General George Patton once stated, “…an imperfect plan implemented immediately and violently will always succeed better than a perfect plan.” That is how I feel with the design and layout of the new MyMarketer.

I actually took my site down for 12 days to work and implement on the design. After almost two weeks of work I still had a lot of bugs (just try out the navigation drop down menu) and I was not completely satisfied with the design.

However, last night I read “Do the Work” put out by Seth Godin’s publishing company, The Domino Effect. The book is free if you have a kindle (or have downloaded the kindle software onto your computer), and I highly recommend the read.

I had an hour drive to a meeting last night and I listened to the entire book (it is a short read). Upon finishing the book I resolved to get MyMarketer up by the end of the night.

So, now you have my imperfect website, but it is far better than a blank web page saying coming soon. Over the next few days I plan to work out the bugs and even launch a MyMarketer 2.0 design. I also hope to have a post about my lessons learned doing this design.

Anyway, I want to thank Steven Pressfield, the author of Do the Work, for giving me the much needed kick in the pants to get this project out and shipped. It was a violent process for me pushing out an imperfect product, but now I can move onto the true purposes of my blog—writing and interacting!

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