21 Tools To Check Your Backlinks

by Paul Wilson


A few days ago I wrote about how you can redirect bad backlinks pointing to your website. Of course, this tactic is only helpful if you know what links are pointing to your website. Below is a list of websites that assist in displaying your backlink landscape. There are quite a few to choose from, but ultimately it just comes down to finding the one that best suits you.

One thing to consider when using these backlink tools is that most of them (with the exception of seomoz) use Yahoo’s search results. This is important, since Yahoo only shows your website’s first thousand backlinks. Usually, this isn’t a big deal, because many websites don’t have that many backlinks. However, as your site grows you will hopefully go over the thousand limit. If you want to take your backlink strategy more seriously I recommend looking at the paid backlink tools in helping you stay on top of your backlink game!

In the meantime, the below tools will help you get started on your seo backlinking efforts. If you know other backlink checking websites/tools let me know and I will add them to the list. ~Paul W.

My Top Five Favorite Backlink Checking Tools

1. SEOMoz

Open Site Explorer is created by the genetically enhanced and curiously brilliant people at seomoz. The tool is only free with limited use, but if you want to be supermodel beautiful and do seo like the pros, than I recommend going with the paid version. It is one of the few paid seo tools I use daily (I am still waiting for the supermodel looks to kick in, unfortunately, there are some of us that even seomoz can’t help).

2. SEO Book

I have to admit, I have a man crush on Aaron Wall. He ranks up there as one of the most savvy web marketers out there. Anything Aaron Wall develops is worth using, and his backlink analyzer software is no different. Definitely try out his tools, but don’t be surprised if you start crushing on him too!

3. SEO Analytic

I stumbled across this seo forum a few years ago and use the site more for its quick Google serp checking than anything. However, it also has a dang cool, and lightening fast, backlink checker. What I like most, is how the tool quickly reports the Google PageRank as well. I am guessing, but it also seems to report (showing -1) the backlinks that nofollow your link or possibly have been penalized. If it is the latter, than my previous post of redirecting backlinks will be quite handy.

4. Backlink Watch

I put this tool in my top five because of my nostalgic nature, since Backlink Watch was the first tool I ever used. The designers intentions for this tool were noble, but most of the features never completely worked for me (backlink PageRank and # of outbound links). When you throw in the annoying pop-up ads it was no wonder I moved on. However, there just is something wrong about not including your first tool…so here it is.

5. Search Engine Genie

When I think of Search Engine Genie, I think of a four year old kid who goes into the candy store and grabs everything in site. I stumbled across this seo trove and was amazed at all the tools they have. When it comes to backlinks checking tools they offer a tool for Google, Yahoo, Altavista/AllTheWeb, Backlink Comparisons (compares your site’s backlinks against a competitor), and Google datacenters (helps determine your website’s backlinks with various google datacenters). Ascetically the tools could use some work, but overall extremely helpful for all seo four year olds who can’t get enough backlink candy (present company included).

More Backlink Checking Tools

Obviously, we don’t all have the same taste (how people can eat ginger-anything is beyond me), so I included 16 more tools for you to take a look at. I have personally reviewed each and every tool, and at the time of this writing they all exist and are working. If you discover otherwise, please let me know.

  1. Add Me
  2. Check Backlinks
  3. Free Web Submission
  4. Go Rank
  5. High Quality Backlinks
  6. iWeb Tool
  7. Link Popularity
  8. Mike’s Marketing Tools
  9. Online Utility
  10. Self SEO
  11. SEO Centro
  12. SEO Chat
  13. SEO Guy
  14. Submit Express
  15. Web Confs
  16. Webmaster Toolkit

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