The Mormon Church Also Knows Social Media

by Paul Wilson


Back in December, I wrote a post about how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a.k.a. the Mormon Church or LDS Church) knows SEO. At the time, many influential SEO bloggers were showcasing the strength of the Church’s SEO efforts.

Yesterday, the LDS Church did a press release on their social media efforts. It seems that the Mormon Church is also quite proficient in social media. According to their press release, “…six of the Church’s official Facebook pages are ranked among the top 100 in the “Church/Religious Organization” category — including two in the top 25.”

These pages, according to, are:

Yet, the Church doesn’t stop at Facebook. You may have seen their recent “I am a Mormon” television commercials, and most of this visual content, and much more, is part of their YouTube messaging. In regards to their YouTube efforts, the press release states, “…that the Church’s Mormon Messages YouTube channel was ranked number 2 in video views (20,656,000) in the ‘Nonprofits & Activism‘ category.”

Building a channel with 20 million views is no small undertaking, but the Church also has four other channels that have almost 10 million views combined.

The LDS Church rounds off their social efforts with a heavily presence on Twitter. In April the Church had their semi-annual church-wide conference and had, “…more than 55,000 tweets mentioning member-related topics or conference. The term ‘#ldsconf’ trended (became a popular term) as high as number 4 worldwide and in the U.S. The terms ‘Elder Holland‘ and ‘President Monson‘ trended as high as number 2 on Twitter’s trending terms.”

It does help that the LDS Church has over 14 million members worldwide. However, there are many other churches and organizations that are far bigger but are less effective in their social media endeavors. Look for a future post from me that digs into the reasons behind this. In the meantime I recommend checking out Mormon Messages, you just might learn a few social media tactics (and maybe even be spiritual uplifted as well).

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