The Evolution of

by Paul Wilson


I have been seriously blogging since February of this year. It has been interesting to see my blog evolve over such a short time.

You may have noticed the new superhero design. I got tired of explaining to people what I meant by kitchen sink marketing. Unfortunately, when you find my blog in google you will still see it referenced as Kitchen Sink Marketing. It will be curious to see how long this will last—hopefully not long.

For those of you who may be new to my blog I have shown the old banners of the site. Really it is the banner that defines this wordpress template. This is nice because it makes it easier to completely redesign the blog when I get bored of the look.


Here is the first banner I had. I designed this and thought I was very clever. The kitchen sink reference is to the old adage: “They stole every thing and the kitchen sink.” However, over the passing months I had to explain to everyone exactly what I meant. I knew the time had come to change the site when the 6th grade class I was teaching Internet marketing couldn’t grasp the joke even after explaining it. My new motto: Make it simple enough that even a sixth grader could understand it.


This was the first design sent back from my graphic artist. I am fairly certain that he was doing a caricature of me. However, it came across as Count Dracula the Superhero! Needless to say, this was not a favorite of mine. In fact, I had my doubt after this version of whether it was wise to use a drawing as my banner.


As you can see this was the final design. I was quite satisfied with it. I am not sure if I am doing the right thing branding my blog as the superhero of Internet Marketing. Yet, I have no doubts that my sixth graders will get this concept!

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