The Importance of Correct Branding

by Paul Wilson


The last several posts have been about my mistake in not branding my blog right. Recently I stumbled across a cool website,, that helps you determine how strong your branding is.

There were several things that I found really interesting. First, was the Branding Test. This little quiz has you go through 12 questions trying to assess the strength of your brand. I first quizzed but the questions were much more tailored to business than a blog (though there were several questions that helped). So I decided to assess Oracle’s marketing branding, since I work with the marketing department so much. Below is the outcome, keep in mind that the outcome is skewed to my opinion:


It’s obvious that this quiz is used to as a lead generator, but I did find that the quiz was a really good brand gauge. As you can see I don’t think that Oracle has branded themselves as well I think they could.

The second thing that I really liked about this site was how interactive it was. It seems to really understand the web 2.0 concept. The hang man game and the overall board game feel were pretty good. This is one of the first corporate marketing firms that seem to get the online culture!

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