Possible Reasons of Why You Should Seed Your Blog’s Footer

by Paul Wilson


If you look at the footer of MyMarketer you will notice something you might not have seen before—three miniature articles. The articles you will find focus on three areas: blog content, general web marketing, and search marketing. The titles of the articles are: Tips on Creating Great Content, How To Do Web Marketing Better, and Top Search Marketing Mistakes.

These are not your typical blog articles, but rather seriously condensed posts that are roughly 130 to 150 words and use about 20 lines of space. I call these mini articles Footer Seeds, and as far as I am aware this technique isn’t really being used in the blogosphere.

I decided to create these Footer Seeds for several reasons. First, I needed something to place in my footer. In the previous design I placed my social media efforts down at the bottom, and after I redesigned MyMarketer I moved my social media spots up to the sidebar. The new design focuses much more on the importance of social media and I felt it was pertinent for visitors to easily know where else to find me on the Internet (which wouldn’t have been achieved in the footer).

This left a big gaping hole at the bottom of my blog. I looked at a load of other website footers and couldn’t find anything I was satisfied with. It’s interesting because blogs in the early days didn’t have much content in the footer. However, with the recent updates to wordpress 2010 and 2011 themes, which provide footer widgets, this has dramatically changed. People are now trying to figure out how to optimize their footers best, and I surmise they may have my similar issues.

This led me to my second reason for Footer Seeds—focus! About the time I was contemplating my footers I was also looking at my Google analytics. Over the years MyMarketer has really struggled to find its niche in the Internet Marketing world, and the search engine keywords show this.

In my analytics, the top ten keywords for MyMarketer range from  “trophy photos” to “isbn number validator java.” You cannot control the search engines when it comes to all the keywords you rank on, but if you are an Internet marketing blog than your top ten keywords better strongly focus on marketing. There really is no excuse if they’re not, and because of this I decided I needed to work more on the direction of MyMarketer.

It was at these crossroads that Footer Seeds were born. By placing targeted content in the footer, every page of MyMarketer in turn has this content. Each Footer Seed gives a particular emphasis on what MyMarketer should be, and also links to posts which further support this direction. The Footer Seeds also provide great Latent Semantic Analysis for each and every post published and hopefully the search bots will take notice.

There is a SEO belief (and most likely an accurate one) that the search engines give less value on content the farther down the page it is. The reason for this is to devalue footer spamming, which Footer Seeds are not. Most footer spam is used as backlinks for other websites, and Footer Seeds are more geared to the internal needs of the site. It is my hopes that this is quite apparent for any bot coming to the site.

There are a lot of unanswered questions with this tactic, so, I am treating my Footer Seeds as an interesting case study. I want to see if  they provide much, if any, added direction for an overall blog or if they are just filler noise.

I posted my first Footer Seed at the beginning of July and placed the last one  just a few days ago. Before writing this post I checked to see if any possible keyword combination appeared in the analytics that would point to my Footer Seeds. So far, no such luck, but it is still too early to know for certain.

So, we will just have to wait and see. ~Paul W.

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