Spamming vs. Permission Marketing

by Paul Wilson


I just stumbled across a blog by Dina Giolitto on some basic tips concerning Permission Marketing. However, what I really liked was the comparison between Constant Contact and Kick Start Cart. She offers the pro’s and neg’s for both services, very helpful!

As many of my friends and clients can attest to I am extremely pro Constant Contact. As Dina points out there are some draw backs to this service but I absolutely love the ease-of-use of Constant Contact’s system. It’s so easy that I have my parent’s herbal shop website on Constant Contact and they use it every month to send out to their little email list.

I know that I have blogged a lot about NewsPaperGrl, but she has a great post entitled, “Your Internet Marketing Plan,” with a section particularly on Email Marketing. This is a good read and Janet offers some questions that I wish more people would ask themselves before beginning.



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