Internet Marketing: SEO Friday (sort of)

by Paul Wilson


tardinessSorry for the tardiness of SEO Friday. Yesterday was quite crazy. Being a small business owner you sometimes have to run around putting out fires, instead of doing what you would rather be doing—blogging. Today is less hectic, and I am catching up on all my Friday tasks that had to be put off. – Ryan at once again directs us to another invaluable SEO tool. At SEOMoz is an in depth page on search ranking factors. What makes this page amazing is that SEOMoz has reached out to all the SEO masters and aggregated their advice. You are able to see what really is important to those who actually succeed at Internet marketing. Link Gratitude: Utah SEO – If you are a newbie at Internet marketing, or need to brush up on your SEO you need to check out Aaron Wall’s book on SEO. Aaron truly is the leading authority on anything search engine. Also, he offers some great tools that you should checkout. I really like his keyword tools, but really he has too many tools for me to highlight just one. If you want to become a master follow Aaron’s advice and use his tools and you will see serious success. Link Gratitude: Free SEO Tools – A very cool tool. On the site they say this is “a simple utility” wrote in house for some testing but there are some key things I really like about it. However, what I like most is that it shows the keyword density of your site. When I did MyMarketer it showed that my top keyword was “your.” Obviously this is something I am going to need to change. Yet, unfortunately, the software isn’t complex enough to show combination of words. Still definitely something to look at. Link Gratitude: Search Engine

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